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By Owning USAC’s Most Treasured Collection of Lead Generation Checklists and Blueprints, While Being Coached by Our Team of Seasoned Professionals, You Will Become the Local Digital Marketing Real Estate (Media) Expert.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Blaise Dietz
Mike Mannino
From: The Co-Founders of US Agent Coach
Here’s The Great News For You…
We’re going to give you the greatest gift we could ever give a Real Estate professional. But first we want you to understand this truth..
“There’s no such thing as marketing experts, just expert marketing testers”
So we’re going to give you the key to our “marketing vault”…a literal treasure trove of systems and shortcuts to explode your most important asset “Your Client List”. But that’s not the greatest gift…
The marketing vault alone is not going to solve your greatest challenge.
Do you know what your greatest challenge is? We do…
Life Happens ~ meaning, no matter what new coaching club, social media marketing course, website or “guru” you invest your hard earned dollars into, there’s always something that gets in the way.
You need our team of digital marketing professionals to do the work for you, or it won’t get done. Period.
And we’re going to give you access to our entire team…
…(and so much more)…
We’re going to share why we’re doing this in a moment, but first, we have a question for you…
You have to be totally honest, or we won’t be able to help you...
Are You Just Winging It?
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Doing it on the fly, using improvisation in your marketing plan, switching from coach to coach?
Practicing the old standard that the majority of agents use as their marketing strategy?

You know the three P’s…
Post on the MLS
Put a sign out front

Or do you have a defined action plan to consistently build a brand around you, grow your prospect list and compete with the new breed of Agents. The ones that are starting to master online or what we call digital marketing and branding.
Don’t believe the hype! Digital Marketing is actually much easier and a lot more fun than the “Old Way”… but you must already know that, after reading our blog posts.
It’s as easy as it seems, if you’re willing to forget the outdated Agent marketing ways that are sucking the money and life out of your real estate business. If you embrace the much simpler and cost effective options that digital marketing affords you, you can absolutely crush the competition.
And you can empower our team to do it for you and do it for dimes instead of dollars.
If you’re just “winging it,” don’t feel badly,you’re not alone. It’s what 95% of Agents are still doing.

The Truth Is…

3 Million Agents servicing 5 Million annual home sales will not go on much longer.
With IDX/MLS data feeds, mobile phone browsing, virtual tours with lead capture forms, Facebook, apps like Periscope, Instagram, Twitter and so many other messaging platforms, most of the agents you know today will not be here in a couple years.
The Keller Williams website says it best when they talk about “The Most Important Secret of The Real Estate Industry”. They say “You are the reason people do business with you and you should build your career on this fact!”
The real estate professionals that allow digital marketing teams to help them build a brand around them, will dominate the competition, reduce the amount of marketing dollars needed to sell a property and will reap the most important reward at the same time.


Real estate agents that choose to follow a simple digital marketing blueprint and use smart technology tools to help them become follow up experts, will explode the size of their most important asset, their contact or email list.
When the business of Real Estate did not have Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, automatic email responders, single property websites and many other inexpensive digital marketing tools, “winging it” got the job done.
Those days are over…
As the millennials get into the business of Real Estate and are learning how to spend dimes instead of dollars to drive three to four times the traffic to an Open House via Facebook, it’s not possible to compete with them, unless you have the right team behind you.
Don’t get upset with us…the transition to digital marketing as a Agent, real estate investor or builder is so much easier and much less expensive than the old way…remember the three P’s?
We have outlined several of these strategies in great detail on our blog and have given you the blue prints to make them happen on your own.
But remember, Life Happens…
We listened to agents like you who needed more help…
It’s why we’re providing access to our digital marketing team and detailed action plans that you can access 24 hours a day.

Yes, We Did Something That A Lot of Professional Real Estate Digital Marketing Coaches Are Not Going to Be Happy About…

We brought our entire digital marketing department together and asked them to create simple, step by step digital marketing Action Plans or “AP’s”. They also created videos for each Action Plan that you can pause and replay at your own pace.
Each document, checklist or blueprint that’s reviewed in the Action Plan videos, are placed underneath each video for you to print out whenever or wherever you need it. Digital listing presentations, examples of Facebook ads to show your clients and so much more… they’re always available, on any mobile device.
The idea actually came from a local real estate broker who wanted to hire our team to help him launch a new start up firm named HomeMark Realty Group.
He said “I need full access to your digital marketing team to help my agents during the day; I need you to be available so that when my agents have a question, your team of experts is there to help.”
and that’s how all of this came together…months later…
Here’s a quick overview video of how we build a custom, local brand around you.
We have created something that most Agents only dream of having, a team to do it for them!
In short, we’ve cloned our digital marketing department!
And we’re helping Agents CRUSH any FEAR’s that creep into their minds when they think of becoming a digital marketer.
Do you know what FEAR stands for?
Don’t let the enemy penetrate your mind with unfounded fears. They are not real…
Digital Marketing real estate is 10 times easier and much more fun than wasting money mailing postcards, begging your family or coworkers for business or God forbid, having to deal with an outdated “mentor” that loves to tell you how successful they were. You need to build a brand around you…
Here’s our disclaimer: we obviously can’t promise you will get certain results.  Your results will vary due to a multitude of factors… including being overrun by unfounded fear and sheer laziness.
The Secret to Killing It in the Real Estate Business (And Extinguishing Fear Forever)
Look, we aren’t Anthony Robbins… Barbara Corcoran… or Richard Branson…
A quick background… Mike had a great dad for a mentor who is a master builder. We are actually using these exact same digital marketing techniques to market his most recent lake front development opportunity…why?
Because these techniques flat out work.
Mike is certified as a traffic and conversion expert by the number one digital marketing agency in the world today and has perfected these digital marketing strategies to cash five figure checks in the local real estate market.
Blaise has personally been involved in over 200 Million dollars’ worth of real estate transactions, built one of the first online underwriting engines, developed several online assets, was frequently mentioned in American Banker Magazine, and was a featured speaker at the Source Media symposiums.
He was actually made famous in downtown Detroit when he raised 2 Million dollars in less than 30 days, for a buyer who was looking to purchase the historic Pasadena Apartment building. This was a Class C, Vintage, 186 unit apartment building on Jefferson Avenue, which overlooks the Detroit River…and he did it using an online marketing strategy during the middle of the financial crisis of 2008.
You’re associating yourself with winners who have failed many times with digital ad campaigns that did not generate return on investment, got back up off the floor and tested relentlessly until we found the winning formula… we are committed to winning.
We are practitioners of our craft not pitchmen…
We Don’t Say Any Of This To Brag…
In fact, any smart, well-seasoned businessperson will be quick to point out that, “It’s not how much you make, but how many people you helped out in the process of building your success story.” So…
Are You A Doer… Or A Talker?
It’s up to you…you can add value to your clients, family, friends and any other real estate professional when you understand digital marketing.
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
“The best way for you to accomplish your goals and objectives is to help others accomplish their goals and objectives first.”
Every person you know and every person that you network with, needs digital marketing skills to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace. Become the local digital marketing expert and I’m willing to bet that you’ll double your business over the next 12 months
Or stick with the same old formula… Remember the Three P’s?
Digital marketing techniques are changing on a quarterly basis if not faster. Did you hear, Facebook just had 1 Billion users logged on in a single day?
Did you know that Periscope is growing 10 times faster than Facebook did?
If you’re not taking advantage of this unbelievable opportunity to grow your list of clients, drive traffic to open houses and launch multiple just listed or just sold campaigns you are definitely missing out.
US Agent Coach Action Plans are without a doubt the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to finally crossing off the most important items on your “To-Do List” and they are updated every single month. You will be the smartest digital marketing agent in the room.
By joining today, you can have immediate access to all the blueprints, check lists, “cheat sheets” and step by step guides. Most importantly, you will have access to our digital marketing team that works on each and every listing that you have.

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